Members & Membership


Perhaps the most important benefit of membership in the Small Boarding School Association is the ability to attend the annual conference, which is limited to 200 attendees. At few other conferences will you have the kind of access to the people you want to see and the opportunity to ask the questions you want to ask that you will at the SBSA conference. It will be one of the most worthwhile and enjoyable conferences you will attend during the year. Many of our colleagues believe our conference is the most important professional development they participate in all year! It will probably be the least expensive too. The fact that the overhead costs of putting on the conference is relatively minimal means that we can keep the conference fees low as well.

Conference fees include one year of membership in the organization. (March - March) . Small boarding schools, educational consultants, and affiliates are eligible to attend the yearly conference.


The Small Boarding School Association invites applicable schools (full accredited academic program, non-profit status, and under 200 boarding students) and consultants to become associate members of our organization. This is particularly attractive for schools and consultants who are not able to join us for our annual conference (membership is included in the conference fee.) Memberships can begin at any time and must be renewed yearly. In other words, general membership should be renewed every March/April.

Eligible schools, whether totally boarding or day/boarding, must be designed for students to complete a full academic year at the school and have a boarding program enrollment limited to near or below 200 students. Schools with programs where enrollment is designed for partial, transitional, or temporary instruction are ineligible. The school must be accredited or in process of formal accreditation by a state, regional, or national accrediting agency and must hold not-for-profit status. Educational Consultants and corporate affiliates who share an interest in the unique issues of small boarding schools are also encouraged to be members.

The Associate Membership application can be found here.

For additional information, or for questions, please contact us.